Bitcoin price: 6885.30 USD
Exchange fee: %1 ~ 2%
Enter your payment tracking number to track your payment.
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Q What is this site about?
A This site will allow you to exchange your bitcoins to paypal, instantly and anonymously.
Q Do I need to register in your site?
A No, you can exchange your funds by simply entering your paypal account and bitcoin address.
Q Which countries do you support?
A Simply everyone with a legitimate paypal account can use our services. We don't even ask where you are from.
Q How do I get started?
A Simply select "EXCHANGE" from website menu and start to exchange your bitcoins instantly.
Q What is the minimum amount I can exchange?
A The minimum amount is 0.01 BTC.
Q What is the maximum amount I can exchange?
A The maximum amount is 3 BTC per paypal account per day. However, If you need to exchange larger amounts you can contact us using this page.
Q How many blockchain confirmations are needed for the bitcoin transactions to be confirmed by your system?
A Three blockchain confirmation is enough for us to confirm your invoices. It usually takes around 30 minutes.
Q Which payment type you use to send my exchanged paypal funds?
A We send all paypal payments as a payment for goods or services.
Q How long does the transfer take?
A The simple answer is instantly. Our exchange system is designed to send the payments automatically in less than a minute by default and we are proud to announce that until now, %100 of the transactions in our system is made on time.
Q What will happen if I don't get my exchanged funds within minutes?
A In the worst-case scenario, if you don't receive your exchanged funds within 5 minutes, you are qualified to ask us to refund your source money (including fee) and by default, if you don't contact us, we'll manually send you the exchanged funds with %0 fee as our apology. We guarantee you to done all these operations in less than a non-business hour.
Q Can I send bitcoins directly to your bitcoin address without using the URI or QR Code?
A Yes, after creating an invoice, you can send your bitcoins directly to our bitcoin address and then hit the confirm button.
Q What is smart payment tracking system?
A We assign an individual payment tracking number (PTN) for every transaction in our website. Our goal is to provide better support, faster and more secure payments and better archive both for you and for us.
Q How can I get in touch?
A You can send us a message using this page.
Though long rumored, the news that paypal had formally aligned its business with bitcoin dominated headlines this week due to the company's size, brand recognition and influence as an early pioneer and dominant player in online payments. For paypal, the move comes at a time of increased competition in the web and mobile payments space, with tech giant Apple most recently entering the sector with Apple Pay. As such, there has been much speculation as to how bitcoin could play an increasing role in helping paypal continue its market dominance while helping ease the still prevalent friction in online payments. Speaking to CoinDesk, paypal senior director of corporate strategy Scott Ellison elaborated further on the nature of his company's latest move, but cautioned that, as of now, paypal plans to tread lightly in the bitcoin space. Ellison told CoinDesk that paypal's initial role in its partnership with major bitcoin processors will be to function as an observer, explaining: "[We’re looking] to gain insight into the types of consumers using bitcoin and will work with businesses to understand what types of content they are selling more of." To start, paypal will analyze bitcoin buyer behaviour soley on its paypal Payments Hub, an all-in-one online e-commerce platform that allows businesses to integrate multiple payment options – including bitcoin, credit cards and mobile carrier billing – with ease. Merchants who use the platform will now be able to implement the existing bitcoin and altcoin processing services provided by BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin, companies that Ellison called "the three leading bitcoin payment processors".